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Monday, November 15, 2010

America Recycles Day and so does Pellie.

Hello everyone,
I'm sure no one needs to be told that crafters were recycling when recycling wasn't cool. We always strive to reuse, repurpose and restyle just about any thing we can get our hands on.

So I just wanted to take a few minutes and show you a bit of my current and future Christmas crafting plans - using recycled stuff, of course.

The first picture is that little self I told you about a post or so ago. All painted up - with a burgandy wallpapered back and some lovely paper doilies (courtesy of the Graphics Fairy) which I decoupaged on. I think it came out just super great and I know that my little unicorns are feeling safer already.

These small lap quilts that I picked up at the auction last Saturday, are worn and well loved - with a few stains and even a burn hole or two. But I have plans to turn them into Christmas stockings, with careful placement of the pattern to avoid all its bruised areas. The small pink and white table cloth with the ivy has a stain even I couldn't get out - and I usually can remove most everything. but no matter - I plan on turning that into a sweet landfill saving shopping bag.

I hate those plastic sacks they give out at most stores - they are ugly and a hazard to the environment. - (Why can't the government do away with them.) Anyway I will shop pretty in pink and be environmentally friendly as well.

In the goodies from the prior weekends auction - I found this rolling pin in the $1.00 junk boxes that had my white shelves in it. And while I love vintage kitchen items - this was one more rolling pin than we really needed. Yet I didn't have the heart to pass it on to the Goodwill. Wouldn't you know it, while perusing one of my favorite blogs - I found my inspiration for what you see above. Celeste of Celeste Marie Designs painted her rolling pin with the cutest snowman - that ever could touch your heart. Check it out. Sir Knight is a Santa Collector so I had wanted to make this to be a kitchen appropriate Santa Decoration. - Now understand I am no decorative artist - so the Santa is a rub on - and this is still a work in progress for me.
Sir Knight just drilled the hole into the handle to hang it from - so I have to touch that area up and I still want to paint a few snowflakes or stars around Santa - to help fill some of the void.

Well that's my plans for the near future. What about you? Do you see any recycle Christmas ideas in your future?



Brian said...

You got some cool things going on! Me? I'm gonna recycle the same old tree!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Love the unicorn shlef! and the idea for the stockings is great! I always start out with huge I'm going to make it plans for the holidays (this yr no different) and only about 1/8th makes it!
I saw a post I thought you would enjoy - you may already but she has a beautiful teacup wreath posted today!
cheers, dana

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh those plastic bags! :-( If we keep the ones we get, we can return them to be recycled, at our grocery store. But it's just one more thing to remember to do.

My husband suggested we leave our bunch of our-own-cloth-bags IN the car. Then we never have to remember to bring them along, whenever we do any shopping! Hooray!

I even take my own bags, to the Farmer's Market! Seems so silly to come home with more plastic bags, from the Farmer's Market. One of those what-is-wrong-with-this-picture things, it seems.

Since I'm not crafty, I don't have gift recycling ideas. But wonderful, you who can!!!

But I've really cut us back [whole family] on [to-me-silly] gift-giving at Christmas. Gifts for children, yes. Adults? Who among us, needs more "stuff"? But of course, they think I'm "Mrs. Scrooge"! -giggles- Whatever. I don't mind. :-) I'll just plop on my 'Mrs. Santa' hat and go on my merry way. :-))))))))))

Gentle hugs...

Cat said...

You are so clever Penny, all those are fantastic ideas!

I have a gold wire wreath that I love but last year I thought it looked a bit dated. I hope to give it a new lease on life with a little silver spray paint and some glitter :-)