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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hello evfurryone,
I devoured my share of turkey and giblets and enjoyed visiting with all the grandbeans on Thanksgiving for a little while anyway - did some heavy snoozing on Black Friday; - but after that it has been busy, busy, busy around here. Pellie and Sir Knight have been busy making all kinds of stuff - so of course I have to snoopervise the two of them. Yesterday they were making candles and some stick Christmas trees and they even made some old lady faces out of clay ( I have no idea what these face things are for - they are kind of spooky - heads on wires - so I tried batting one around and got in trouble big time). I will try to keep you informed on what an old lady has to do with Christmas as time goes on and they do more work on these disembodied heads.

They brought home this tree from an auction and set it up here in mine and Pellie's craft room.
I don't mind it too much but as you can see I wasn't too interested in the tree - I just wanted to check out that they didn't lose any of my twisty ties I store in that little basket.

Well the two of them have finished their coffee and are starting to get going on a few projects - so I guess I better cut my post sort and get busy snoopervising.



Katnip Lounge said...

My goodness! You are gonna use every ounce of that turkey energy watching your People. When do you rest?

Eric and Flynn said...

Sounds like you have a busy time ahead with lots of snoopervising.

Brian said...

I love the pictures and the tree is way cool!