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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hi evfurryone,

This post is for Mancat Monday -but a better title might be - no matter how sweet the candy sounds - it might be mean as mean can be.

Last week Pellie and Sir Knight volunteered to kitty-sit for a friend. They said it helped their friend and gave them some idea of how I would get along when they adopt a sisfur for me.

This is Snickers - and she might have the same name as a tasty candy bar - but she is something else. Every time I moved around the house she screamed and howled. Pellie said she sounded like the Great Banshee of mythology - me I just thought it was screechy enough to set my hair up and hurt my ears.

If I walked around the house, my head was on a constant swivel - looking for her -so I could stay out of her way. I hate to admit it- me being named after a brave warrior and all - I even walked around liked some whipped stray with my tail tucked between my legs - while she was living with us.(Not a pretty sight. Believe me.)

She is back home now - so I am one extremely happy Mancat.

Pellie said she's not sure -if it's me, that is not fit for a sisfur or if it was the banshee's fault, we didn't get along. I don't either. I'm just glad she is gone.



Brian said...

Oh my, I have four sisters and they would never behave that way!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Okay while we had "baby" the stray cat - Sophie did learn to get along but we have long decided based on our dog sitting episodes that Sophie is a solo pet! Baby was the closest she has ever come to liking a visitor! She is never mean but she is NOT happy.

Wanda Lee said...

These pictures tell a a tale.., Oooh my!.., It sounds intersting to say the least!

Thanks for sharing this catty tale with us!..,

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*We;(Pam and I both, respectively);we both work full time as self-employed persons and we sincerely apologize when we are unable to get back to you as soon as we would prefer!..,Your blog posts are always so wonderful!

Have a marvelous week!

Cheers and hugs from wanda Lee

Eric and Flynn said...

That wasn't very polite of Snickers seeing as she was your house guest.