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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wake me when the week is over.

Hello everyone,

Life is a strange place for an anal retentive, detail oriented, obsessive person, like myself - who also has a proclivity for procrastination.
I just love sitting in my studio, messing and creating all kinds of things. And I do losing track of time, forgetting to eat; but happy as a lark.
On the other hand - I love a clean house - A place for everything and everything in its place; That's my motto. I love dusting, vacuuming, ironing - the whole idea of house cleaning.
In an ideal world - I would have the brains and warewithal to be able to harmoniously mix and combine these two obsessions; so that my life runs oh so smoothly.
In my world however - these two obsessions seem to be in a constant state of up heavel and working against each other. When I'm busy creating - dishes sit in the sink, laundry stacks up, Genghis shed's enough hair to stuff a pillow- the dust can become thick enough to write a novel in and the silver tarnishes before my very eyes - Yet I notice nothing.
But as soon as my project is done I become a women possessed; the great Banshee has nothing on me, I wail and moan as I notice all the things that happened while I was creating and I immediately go into house cleaning mode. I can not even begin to think of beginning another project - while my house is such a wreck.
So on and on it goes - a circle of creating - than house cleaning - than creating, and so on as if in a hall of mirrors looking in and seeing that moment in endless repetition.
So what phase am I in now? Well I finished up my trading cards and other misc projects, and have been in cleaning mode ever since.
I was ready to start into my next project on Monday - but I decided to take a day off and go to Bingo with my son and his fiance.
And so started the week from he**.
Didn't win at bingo - but didn't really expect to.
Discussions during bingo lead my son to believe that my Frankenputer had a computer virus or something, so when they brought me home - they went at my computer and all the computers in this house.
Mine seemed to be the only one infected - and they took quite a while to remove them. But I am now clean; and up and running. Yea!!!!!

When they left - I was going to start sewing on my new projects, outfits for my class I will do for the high school students -Shakespeare's England. And guess what? My sewing machine was not in working order. So that project which needs to be done by April 15th is on hold, while I wait for my machine to be repaired.
To make matters worse - I got a whopper of a case of the stomach flu Monday after my son left - so I haven't even taken the machine in yet.

I am stressed to the max and it's only Wed.



Anonymous said...

We are hoping your week gets better from here on out. Sick 'puters are the worst! Sick tummies are too.

Jacqueline said...

Oh man...what a mess and a stress ball! Sorry you had the flu bug, tell him to get lost and stay there. My mom used to say...why don't you go fly to the moon and move there!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Chaos, I've decided that is the current state of the universe! Sit back in your favorite corner - take a deep breath - and just give yourself a minute before up and running again.

Brian said...

That was a good post...two brains, now there's an idea...but I have ran into some humans that didn't seem to have even one!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, looks like you've been having a good time too. Ours was the blogger in draft new template.

Happy Easter!