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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebrating Organize Your Home Office Day

Hello Everyone,

I was busy celebrating Organize Your Home Office Day today, all day. and what better way to accomplish that goal than to finish up a few half finished projects and then get pictures of what I could - so I could start getting things documented than put away.
So the first pile I reached for was this background which Gail over at Mind Wide Open gave us as the March challenge, the prompt word was Spring, so I thought maybe I'd give it a go. But then I have never really been a big fan of green so my first thought was to toss the page I printed to look at for inspiration in the recyclables container. Which is what I did, I was too busy to try to work on a challenge anyway I told myself. Part of my organization I felt was, that maybe it was about time to pack my snowman collection up till winter rolls around again. I do love their sweet snowy faces but I am so tired of winter- I need to think Spring. So up came my tub with my spring pretties and as I cleaned and rearranged my pretties I felt I need something new for the front door. But what? Nothing in particular came to mind and I didn't want to buy something. So I continued cleaning and arranging and all of a sudden that piece in the recycle bin started yelling to me, yes yelling, and then my muse bombarded my mind with a quick but pretty idea - I felt was doable.
So I headed to my desk and started working and in under 2 hours I created this. What do you think? I like it. It is hanging on my front door right now trying to coax Spring out of hiding, because I have so had it with winter.

So this evening when I got on the computer to do a little organizing there too, I sent it off to Gail at MWO. Tomorrow Gail should have all the entries up for your perusal. So make sure you head on over there to check out all the pretty entries.

Last week, I finished up this little project for my oldest granddaughter. At Christmas I made her the softest prettiest memory board with angel wings and a mate to this skull. This journal was to go with it but I never finished it. It was a chipboard set I bought at the scrapbook store but it only had 4 pages to it, not quite enough pages for an active teenage girl. I worked studiously for a couple days and with Sir Knight's help cutting the new cardboard pages we finally had enough pages made that we felt I could call her to come and get it. I kept a pattern for the main skull - so we could add to it as she needed.
Now all I have to do is finish up the pillow I wanted to make as part of the set. Maybe I'll finish that in time for her birthday. I can hope anyway.

I just added these photo to my creative journal for 2010 - so now that is done

Well I have more projects calling out for attention, so before they get too noisey and wake up Genghis, I best get busy.



Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Okay - don't go to my blog until you've received your box!!!!!!! I hope you like the trade. Your entry is awesome. I looked at that and went "too much"! If yesterday was organize your office day - I flunked, my artroom is destroyed with the projects I've got going - this weekend will be clean up and start anew!!! Spring Forward, right!

Anonymous said...

Mom needs to really spring clean too! But this past weekend, her and Dad DID rip the computer room apart and clean it like there was No tomorrow! And that skull memory board is GRRR-8!

beedeebabee♥ said...

What a cute journal! It must be so nice having a crafty gram to make you great gifts! You granddaughter is a lucky girl!! Thanks so much for not just lurking (so funny) but for leaving a comment too! Good luck in the giveaway! xo Paulette

Jacqueline said...

Popped in tonight to say hi and I'm thinking of you before shut eye. I have a craft room that is calling out to me too and it's so scary to open the door. I went to the antique show last weekend in Portland Oregon and bought more toys...I need a toy sorter...for sure. Perhaps one of Santa's elves might help. The gnomes are just as confused as I am! I think they are scared of my craft room too!

Carolyn said...

Pretty and nostalgic.
I just spotted the little mousie ^_^