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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Purrfurmance Review

Hey everyone,

It is me, Genghis and I just had to share with you some very troubling facts. You see my friends over at Jan's Funny Farm told me about this purrfurmance review that should be done for quality control of this blog. On my! Oh my! As much as I love Pellie if I had filled in this evaluation, I am afraid she would have failed miserably.
I mean right from the get go she gets two swats. - She doesn't post to this blog daily for her own maximum exposure much less mine.
I would be stretching to give her two paws for taking a few wonderful pictures of me, cuz its really not her photography skills but my overwhelming cuteness that makes the pictures great.
As for the posts I do make - I am the only great mind behind the imaginative, well written post.

As for Pawticipation of fun blog events - the only party Pellie joined was a Hallow & Screams one and there was so many scary, loud noises that I chose not to be a part of such an event - so there again she would be getting two swats; she should have made it more Genghis friendly and lower the volume on the rattling chains and stuff.

I feel it is for the best, to not turn one in this year -as it would humiliate her. But she really needs to get her act in gear and improve over the next year or I may just may go and develop some not so nice behaviors.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, waiting until next year to give Pellie a review might be a good idea under these circumstances. But you did take it under advisement so be sure to email Maggie & Zoey a link to this post to let them know you participated.. You know how to do the email add. zoolatry AT gmail DOT com