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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good afternoon to one and all,

Well Halloween 2009 is just a pleasant memory. As I carefully take down all the decorations I remember all the fun we had planning our spooktackular blog party and all the wonderful visitors we had that day and how we appreciated each and every comment left for us. What fun that was. We have even started talking about how we might be decorating for next years gala.

Genghis may have hid for most of the party but he really got into the arrival of each and every trick or treater, checking them and their costumes out and giving his headbut seal of approval and demanding to be petted. He is such a social butterfly - he just loves when company is coming - more people to love and adore him (I guess). Win their hearts he does - though not in a pushy way but by being responsive at the right time when they are ready to lavish him with attention.

Here in the midwest it was time to set our clocks back, for daylight savings time has ended and we move into those darker days of late fall and then winter. It would have been better if I could have enjoyed the extra hour of sleep but Genghis is still running on the old time and woke me up at 4:15am as usually even if the clock differed with him.

Today Sir Knight is busy putting a door up on the way into the basement. It is an awkward little area right by the back door with two doors getting in each others way. We took that door down years ago when we moved in here for convenience as well as astetics. Now however, with Genghis's proclivity for early morning rising and his attitude of "when I'm up, everyone should be up" we feel a real need to once again have a door there so Genghis can stay in the basement apartment till we are awake and moving then he can come up and join us. I know this sounds terrible and it really does break my heart a bit but I have enough problems with insomnia and do not function well on only 2 or 3 hours of sleep each night. Sir Knight sleeps through most things - but even his sleep has been cut short as of late and we can't have him falling asleep on his job.
(He works second shift and doest get home till after midnight, then an hour or so to relax before hitting the bed. So 4:15am is a terrible time to have to rise and shine).

I keep telling my self that since our basement is a nice finished basement that it shouldn't be too hard on Genghis - but I know he will be lonely - just hope and pray that he doesn't cry and caterwaul all night - I know my determination and resolve would evaporate if he did.

Well I need to do a couple loads of laundry so I best bring this to a close.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Ghengis is an super early riser. Skeeter and Scooter<--RIP, are/were too. Effury morning (still) at 4:30, Skeeter is running around like a freak! Mom can actually sleep through it unless Skeeter is in one of her super grooming moods and decides mom needs a quick grooming session. Maybe a new furriend to keep in the basement will make it a little easier. Just a thought...