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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Festival of Trees

A Fairy Tree

Hello Everyone,

The Thanksgiving meal is but a fond memory and family has returned home to return to life a usual for one hectic month - till we gather once more and celebrate the gift of Love.

Over this Thanksgiving weekend Sir Knight and I did observe one tradition we have grown to love.
Here in the Quad Cities as we are called; we have a yearly festival put on by the Quad City Art and it called the Festival of Trees. If you like Christmas and the thrill of seeing finely decked out trees you too would love this event. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite tree and scenes with you.
Putting on the Ritz, in black and white

A Harry Potter Christmas

Frosty the Snowman stands next to a tree full of elephants

Elvis is having a Blue Christmas - oops guess not his tree is quite merry & bright

a fireplace scape with silver and gold, so cozy
Christmas under the Big Top

WXMS Radio station turning out the hits -the elf DJ must be on break

A tree of stuffed animals which they donate to different hospitals, police, firemen and ambulance services.

Hope you enjoyed the tour - I'm not the best photographer -but I hope they were good enough to get you into the Christmas spirit. Now I need to put on some Christmas music and gather my supplies for one of my Christmas Crafting projects and get busy or I fear I'll never be done in time.


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