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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Study of Clownology

When June came I was more than ready - I headed off to Clown Camp - learned lots from many wonderful and famous teachers - laughed until my sides ached - played like a child again and had an all around great time.
One of the many things I learned was to design my face; then I had to learn how to apply it. Which may not seem like much to you ladies who have applied make up since you were in high school - but for me who never ever wore make up I might as well been an octopus with 8 unskilled hands trying to do fine detailed surgery. By the end of the first class I was a mess - grease paint every where but where I wanted it, white smeared into the purple and vise versa.
I kept practicing and by the end of the week when we were getting ready for pictures - I felt fairly confident that I finally looked like a clown. the picture above is my first photo ever in costume and I thought I did pretty good for an amateur.
But I knew there was still a lot more I had to learn ------So-------

I enrolled again the following year. This year I concentrated on working with and making props, as well as making balloon animal and figures. Classes ran morning sessions through afternoon sessions. After supper we had assemblies were we were able to watch our fellow student or even our teachers practice new acts or just have fun putting on improv skits and sing alongs. And often we spent many a late night practicing what we'd just learned or maybe what someone else just learned and was willing to teach. I have to say that our teachers were so great - they had open door policies and were always willing to lend a hand. So I continued to learn and be inspired. But I knew I was not yet ready to go out and dazzle the world. So-----------
Once again.

I couldn't attend in 1999 due to some health conditions of my mothers . But I was more than ready to go again in 2000. The New Millennium with its challenges -hopes - dreams of bright futures and I was lucky enough to head off to Clown Camp once more. This time my hand was steadier at the application of make-up and my eyes already keen as to what would make a good prop; so I studied the business of clowning. Contracts, Liability Insurance, types of occasions to clown at from big Corporate parties to small birthday parties we discussed them all. We learned how to deal with the scaredy cats and the hecklers alike. The pros and cons of doing Parades as well as the ins & outs of hospital clowning - Yep I studied it all, and when that week was over I truly felt like I had passed "Clownology" I was now a clown.
This is my first real publicity picture I had taken at my local photography studio and as you can see the makeup application was now so much more skilled and my confidence level had risen.
But most important of all I was happy - I was so elated to be me and to be a clown.
It is this face of mine that is registered with the National Clown Registry -It is my trade mark and is not to be used by any other clown.

The art of the clown
is more profound than we think...
It is the comic mirror of tragedy and
the tragic mirror of comedy...Andre Suares


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