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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Send In The Clowns

Hello Everyone,
Rise and Shine - it's 4:27AM - I'm too excited to sleep - so I thought as long as I'm awake I may as well post. Today - yes today - starts National Clown Week. Isn't that exciting?
And in honor of this happy and auspicious occasion, I thought I'd show you a different side of Pellie and Sir Knight you haven't seen before.

Drum roll please.

May I present to you...
Elegant Eddie

Miss Pellie

Eddie, Bear & Pellie

Surprised? Oh surely not. You knew somewhere in the back of your mind at least, that I was not your usual run of the mill type of girl. All those years of being the class clown in school and being told "your different" or "your weird" didn't fall on deaf ears. I was different - I just hadn't learned to really embrace my differences back then - but now I thank my lucky stars I am different. I may be in my fifties but I'm still a little girl at heart and I still love to play dress up. Dressing in full Renaissance garb for the faire - Fairy attire for Fairy conventions and fairs - and of course Halloween is my inner child's favorite holiday because then I can become anyone or any thing I want to.

Clowning around is really about more than just my need to dress up - it is a very satisfying hobby -
to be able to spread mirth , giggles and belly laughs with total strangers young and old alike is sooooooooo good for my soul.
And I thank God that he saw fit to give me a life partner who is willing & able to share these little quirks with me.

So every now and then during this week I'll be back to clown around a little more with all of you.



Jacqueline Jaggers said...

oh I love it, I love it, I love it! I love the simple little childrens song...If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands! All of your faces, surely show it! What a happy thought to sleep on...night night from Washington!

Roberta said...

What fun Penny! Thanks for stopping by. Of course I had to run right over to check out your creative space. Lucky girl to have so much room. Love your little pink chandelier too!
xo Roberta