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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guess what's New at the Art Institute of Chicago,

"Living up to his namesake, the mighty Genghis Khan, - Genghis Khat has proved himself over and over again to be a strong warrior and a great hunter. His latest conquest immortalized here in oil - is thrilling art lovers across Chicagoland. Plan on making a trip now - to view this wonderful picture."

Hello evfurryone,
Isn't this just the greatest news you've heard today? I am so proud that Pellie and Sir Knight took such a great picture of my war with the moth; and that it was good enough to have done in a larger proportion in a totally different media; all to showcase my great skills. And put it in a museum as well - isn't that just the coolest.

Opps time for me to nap - in case they need me for a press conference later. Ta Ta for now.


Hey guys,

Pellie here, just wanted to share this picture- It's kind of the behind the scenes from that days hunt. Looks like he's not quit sure what to do with it now that he caught it.

Oh yeah! Please don't tell Genghis - but I made that picture up at a Free Online Photo Manipulation site. (It's not really at a museum.) But he is so thrilled thinking it is that I hate to tell him otherwise.



Brian said...

Well I for one certainly think it should be at the Art Institute, he is looking mighty fine!

Johanna said...

Hello Penny and Genghis,
Genghis war with the moth is really FINE ART. I am sure, they would frame it if you send them the picture.
So cute.
Best greetings, Johanna

Cat said...

Well it looks like a museum to us so we're going with that :-)

Eric and Flynn said...

Genghis and the moth make a very good work of art.


We'll never tell!!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

pchickki said...

Fantastic Genghis!!

Wizardess said...

He is awesome! Come look at my "How Fat is Your Cat?" post to see my feline family. Cheers!