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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few little ATC's

Hello everyone,

As you know I just love making these little ATC's ; even when working in such a small format is hard on these old eyes of mine , as well as these old hands.
They are so addicting you just can't do one - so you make sure you have enough partners to swap with.
Karla from Misses Peach's Meowz and Sketchbooks ATC Mail Art and I swap privately between us. For August, Karla really wanted to do a beach scene - me living here in the land locked Midwest not so much - so we compromised and settled on a theme of By the Waters Edge.

The picture above is the card I made. I titled it "Stream Dreams in Sepia". I worked this card mostly digital.. I started with a color picture of a great mountain stream and gathered my extra pieces which I wanted to cut and paste into my scene. Well the colors from all those different sources didn't play well together, so I decided I'd have to switch everything over to Sepia. It worked out - they were more cohesive and worked well together. To give a little extra depth to the picture - the Adirondack chair was carefully cut out and applied with pop dots. as well as one of the clumps of trees. Then I just added some glitter and called it quits.

I really liked the way it turned out and during all that hot humid weather we had this last summer -I was really dreaming of a vacation at such a nice spot. But alas - Sir Knight really didn't have any vacation time to use.

Our September theme was Back to School - which I thought would be fun -and none of the other swap groups were using it.

So here is the card I made. I worked this card both digitally and manually. First I found a cute picture of a classroom in a vintage school book. I digitally manipulated the picture to put the welcome back to school on the black board as well as the teachers name and grade. The bulletin board to the right of the teachers desk was not so easy for me to manipulate digitally so I printed the picture I had cleaned up and manipulated so far as an 8 by 10. Cut out the inside of the bulletin board used a piece of cork Slid in behind the picture, made my divider for my bookworms board and slid my boy and girl characters into the cork.. When every thing was as I wanted it - I scanned the whole thing back into the computer; reduced the size to wallet and printed it out. I mounted it on Black with white polka dot a scrapbook paper, added the ribbon and apple and called it a masterpiece.

I also made this little backpack card - on which I added the earrings I used for my boy and girl characters and sent them off to Karla as well.

At the auction we went to right before I sent out my cards - I found this cute little school girl and had to have her - as she reminded me of pictures I had seen of Karla herself as a little schoolgirl.
So I sent it along as well.

Now I best get back to my Halloween creating or clean up the craft room.



Cat said...

Your cards are beautiful, I just love The Water's Edge. I can't wait to see what you do for Halloween!!!

Brian said...

Very pretty indeed and that first one reminds me, I must find out why my Christmas tree isn't up yet!

Johanna said...

Hi Penny,
you are so creative. The cards look wonderful and Karla will be delighted to get them.
Best greetings, Johanna

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Penny I am so honored to be the keeper of your creative work! Treasures to add to the special album that I keep all of your ATC's in!
Your detail is magic to discover and each time I look at your cards...I see something else!
Hugs Karla

Queenie Believe said...

Your cards are so creative and fun. Does Gendhis have the final meow in the creative process...
Have a great day,