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Friday, August 5, 2011

This & That

Hello Everyone,

It's been pretty quiet around - since Genghis headed off to Bora Bora yesterday - so I spent most of the day today busy in the craft room.

Around 7:30pm when Sir Knight Headed out to water the garden look who he spotted. He never even made it inside - sound asleep on the chair on the front porch. When disturbed he said that he only came back to check if we missed him yet; and he was going right back - but he was still snoozing out there an hour later at 8:30pm. I guess he has been partying real hard and needed to rest up a bit before going back. As I write this post he is no longer on the chair - so I guess he's on his way back to Sun, Sand, Nip and Friends.

With the Start of a new month it was time to pick a new self-care card for myself. This month I chose ACTION. The words of wisdom on the back says..."Take Action. The journey to find your lost self begins with one step."

Look at this great picture I got for $2.00 at the Auction last Saturday. It's called Wedded to Science and was a giveaway from Merille Pharmaceuticals. I know it looks kind of dark and macabre - which is probably why it was so poorly taken care of. But I'm hoping to get it cleaned up and re-framed to put in our Library by the end of this weekend.

Yesterday I received these ATC cards from Miss Peaces Mom, Karla; as we did our own private Circus Swap. As you can see she used part of an Animal Crackers box to hold the ATC's. Now isn't that just the cleverest idea. I Love it.

These are the cards all tied up in a pretty bow. The top card says "Life Is A Three Ring Circus"
and has a great picture of Emmet Kelly.

When you get it all untied each card is mounted together like a book and has copies of many wonderful old circus poster. So Neat.

Here is one of the cards I made for Karla - Of course there has to be clowns and this happy group is all crammed together in one wagon. If you look carefully - you'll notice Sir Knight in two of his Persona flanking Pellie on both sides and even Genghis had to get into the act. I included a couple of my instructors from Clown Camp as well as some art work clowns - to round out this Merry Crew.

Although you will rarely find me doing duplicates - I was so taken with this cute little elephant coloring page - that I colored him up for a second time with different accent colors and like the first time I titled it Elephun.

In this card the mighty King of Beast is awaiting his time to perform - stuck in a cage wagon.
While it may be a cage at least I made it roomy and real snazzy looking. His bars are white glitter paper.

And of course One final shot of all three cards together.

Well I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open - so I guess I best go wash the glue and glitter off of my hands and get ready for bed.

Sir Knight will have us up bright and early to check out another auction tomorrow.



Johanna said...

Hi Penny,
oh, I can understand totally, that Mr. Genghis loved to look for you. In fact, he missed you a lot. Too much Bora Bora is just boring, right? Your circus cards and pictures are really fun.
Enjoy your time.
Best greetings, Johanna + Wiski

Brian said...

Yep, Genghis wore himself out with all the nip volley ball games! Hey, that circus clown card is so cool!

Cat said...

Bora Bora was great and we know Genghis enjoyed surfing with us :-) Thanks again for helping us to join in all the fun!

I like your circus elephant card :-)

Eric and Flynn said...

Haha! If you saw the party on Bora Bora you would know why Genghis is so tired.....but our lips are sealed!