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Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally Friday

Hello everyone,
I bet you haven't really given it much thought - but did you know that today starts Kool-Aid Days, in Hastings Nebraska. They set up the largest Kool-Aid stand offering at least 12 flavors and celebrate the fact that this kid approved summer drink was invented right there in Hastings in 1927. Hit on this years logo above to learn more about Kool-Aid and how it came to be.

And while your enjoying a time out and a glass of Kool-Aid - I offer you a few Mind stretch games - from the Calender I had with the same name back when I was still teaching.

Easy peasy. Right?

Maybe a little more challenging. Maybe not.

Genghis will post the answers tomorrow - as I'll be out to an auction.

Have a great weekend


1 comment:

Brian said...

I hear Kool-Aid is cool! Hey, thanks for the brain exercises, I can use the help!