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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Friend the Chipmunk / Birthday Goodies

Hi evfurryone,

There I was soaking up a few rays of sun and enjoying the cool breeze we have going for us today and then I heard it. Yep Pellie sat down at the computer to do a post today. Hurmp!!!! she never turned the computer on so I could post yesterday -said she had a real bad headache - so I lost my day to post???? I don't think so. I'm just jumping in here right on top of hers.
What I wanted to show you all if I had posted yesterday was this cute little chipmunk who lives in our yard.

It's not a real good picture - because we couldn't get to close or he'd run off. I guess he thought with our grass so dry and brown I wouldn't notice him - but notice him I did.

And in case your wondering - No. I didn't chase him out of the yard. It was too hot and humid that particular day to even chase dreams.

So he was free to live a few more days. Trouble is I haven't seen him at all today and I would have given chase today. Oh Well! Such is life.

Oooopppps. Here comes Pellie. Gotta go. See you tomorrow.



Hello everyone.

Still trying to do a little catch up here. _ "the Hurrier I go the Behinder I get". so I've just been working at this nice and easy like.

So let let me show you all the goodies I got for my Birthday - I sure was spoiled.

Sir Knight bought me some new fine point markers - I can use in creating my ATC's. Lots of colors to choice from now.

He also took me out and wined me and dined me more times than I can remember.


Hugs and Kisses Hunny.
From my Son and his Family I got the original DVD of the Clash of the Titans. I really liked the old version better than the remake - so I really like this. They also bought me a couple bags of Twizzlers (my all time favorite candy) I just didn't take a picture of that.

Thanks so much to all of you. You really know what I like.

From my Niece and her Family; I got this wonderful collection of Fairy and tea cup accessories. I'm planning on turning those two cute books into my art journals for 2012 and will certainly have fun with the other great items.

Thank you guys for everything It fits me to a T.

From my Brother and Sister-in-Law I got some really cool note cards, a glamorous necklace, a cool new photo album - and a collection of the cutest cards around, which incidentally had gift card inside. Whooo Hwoooo. Once it cools down a bit I'm ready to go shopping.

I forgot to include this cute little mouse figurine that was also in the box from my brother. He was so cute - I put him up on display the moment I opened his box.

Thanks for all the cool stuff - you spoiled me beyond measure.

Love you.
From my friend Karla, over at Miss Peach's I got this really beautiful digital art picture she made for me. Isn't it just gorgeous. I love it. In fact I printed it out and am going to frame it and put it in my bedroom.

I'll stop before this gets too long.

Please have a wonderful week.


PS I see Genghis got in here when I was out hanging clothes and put his post right on top of mine. That little stinker.


Katnip Lounge said...

ha ha ha! Genghis, you rule! We hope Mr. Munk comes back for a rousing game of "run or be eaten, and then you STILL may be consumed"!

Your Mom got some wonderful gifts--our Mommy wishes she was arty but even a simple line defeats her.

Eric and Flynn said...

Good luck with that chipmunk Genghis. Your mum had some lovely presents. Are you going to give her the chipmunk when you catch him?

Brian said...

Hey Genghis, I've got several chippy pals too, they're fun! Looks like all the Birthday goodies were fun too!

Johanna said...

Hey Genghis, you are a cat after my mind. Don't waste energy to chase chipmonks, they have not enough meet on the bones for a nice meal.
Purrs from Wiski

Hello Penny,
how nice, that all your family members treated you so lovely. You deserved all the nice treats, I am sure. Wish you a lot of fun with all the gifts.
Best greetings, Johanna