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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Wonderful Giveaway or Two

To win this yummy Pink Christmas stocking you need to hurry over to Rebecca's Blog "A Gathering Place" and I do mean hurry since the last day to sign up is the 19th of this month.
Just don't win it (pouty face) cuz I want to win . LOL

Behind this ribbon and tag; the girls over at 'Tales from an O C Cottage" have done it again and are offering one of the most scrumptious giveaways. If you like pink and pretty you will love this giveaway. Check it out! Or then again, don't check it out and I might have a chance to win it, for myself. LOL No I couldn't be that selfish- or could I (evil laugh) - the temptation is strong but - no I couldn't - so do check it out.
But I do hope I win.


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Anonymous said...

What lovely things...we're making mom go there now! Have a happy Monday!