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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Third times a charm?

Hello everyone,
Blogger and I have not been getting along very well - It refuses to play nice. It messes up the order of my pictures, jumps around like a centipede with athletes feet when I try to add a hyper link and has made an absolute pain of itself. I will therefore try to do this post for the third time and hope it comes out.

Time has flown buy since my last post and not because I was having lots of fun either.
Sir Knight and I have been engaged in a project of epic proportion - we decided that here in 2012 we would finish up a lot of our unfinished projects.

The first of which is a full scale assault,clean up and organization of the basement.
Phase one is nearly finished as we redid the area under the stairs to be a usable storage area and not a junk collection area. I'll take a few pictures when we are done - but not one minute before as I am too embarrassed of all the mess.

We are seeing a little light at the end of this tunnel - so we sure do hope the end is in sight and it's not a runaway train ready to hit us head on and roll over us.

As a nice change of pace from basement dirt & grime - I signed up to join the January swap over at the Blissful ATC Swap Blog. This months theme was Jane Austen and she is one of my favorite authors so how could I not join.

My partner this month was the talented Victoria over at "Things I Learn from Bear".
So I wanted to start by showing you all the cute little envelope that contained my ATC. Isn't it cute.

This is the card she sent. Oh my it is so darn gorgeous - I love it.

Thank you so much Victoria. I really love it and appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.

Here is the card I sent to Victoria. I wanted it to have an old fashion feel to it, so I constructed it as a pop-up card. This is the card when it is closed up.

This is how the card looks when it is popped up and sitting on a table.

The construction included digitally putting a picture of Pemberly on a background of roses, and adjusting it to fit the standard ATC card dimensions. Then I found a great picture of my favorite Movie Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) and Elizabeth Bennet (Jennifer Ehle)on there wedding day and worked out the necessities so it would pop-up in front of my background. I also added a couple of extra rose bouquets on either side of my happy couple. To give it a bit of sparkle I added some pink ribbon in the same shade as the roses which was trimmed in gold to both sides of the card.

I titled it Love in Bloom, Mr Darcy Takes a wife.

It was a challenge figuring the sizes and shape of the folded paper necessary to make the pop up work - but I felt it was certainly worth it. Hope Victoria liked it.

This is the envelope I made to hold my card. I copied a piece of a page from her Persuasion manuscript and added a silhouette which is suppose to be of Jane herself.

Well that's about all I can think of to write for now - so I guess I'll bid you all a fond adieu.


I guess the third time was a charm - I got it all posted and in order YEAH!!


Brian said...

Your cards are very pretty so blogger needs to be nice to you! Have a wonderful week everyone, and good luck with all your projects!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

So sorry Blogger is messin' with you too. -pout-

Blogger installing the new Comment Page thing, has my knickers in a twist. Keeps me from commenting in some blogs. -sigh-

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! You are so talented.

Hooray for a project which is getting done!!!!!!!!!

'And what are you reading, Miss-?'
'Oh! it is only a novel!' replies
the young lady ...
with affected indifference.

~Jane Austen

The Altered Paper-Creations by Tee said...

I Love Both Jane Austen Cards., and the talent and creativity of both card makers! Hugs,Tee

Charmingdesigns said...

your cards are lovely, I had to laugh about blogger, I dont know why it mixes up the photos, if its important...I do one at a time. What a pain in the Thanks for coming by