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Friday, October 21, 2011

Beware Movie Monsters on the Prowl

Hello Everyone,

The theme for October over at the Blissful ATC Swap was Movie Monsters. - How fun is that for an art theme?

The terrific card above of the ever good looking monster of Frankenstein is the one I received from my partner Jane over at Anything but... Plain Jane Blog. Thank you so much Jane I really Love my New ATC.

I really liked watching Creature Features on Friday Nights and Frankie was always one of my favorite monsters.

To the more modern taste in horror movies - I suppose these were too hokey - but it's what I grew up on and quite frankly I really have a hard time stomaching all the blood and guts stuff that passes for horror now.

Here is all the goodies Jane sent along with her Card. Thank you so much for you generosity.

Here are all the goodies together in one picture.

One of my other Favorite creatures - growing up - was the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
so that is who I created my ATC about.

I layered different colors & levels of tissue paper for the lagoon, the beach and the land to give my card texture and a bit of depth. I used dots to raise my creature to look as if he was coming out of the lagoon. Added a little moss to give it that Amazon Jungle look. I really thought he came out rather nice. - If I can be so bold to use the term nice and creature all in the same sentence.

Here is the picture of the card I made to accompany my ATC on it's trip. I sure hope Jane liked it.

Well I need to get back to bed - I really am hoping to be better soon - so I can get back to visiting with all of you wonderful friends.



Brian said...

Very nice! I love monsters, unless they go bump in the night!

Queenie Believe said...

Movie monsters. What a fun theme to work from. The ATC are both great fun.
Hope you feel better soon.
Always, Queenie

Jane Wetzel said...

Oh Pellie- TOTALLY LOVED your atc and so happy you liked mine! Yes...ahem...I DO remember those movie nites... :) Great having you to swap with- hugs, Jane :)

"Auntie" said...

Oh my, rest if you are ailing. Rest and get rid of an Autumn sickness. Because winter is coming, with all its coughs and colds and etc.

It's nice to know that quite a few of us, are wishing that "Once Upon A Time" (tv) will live up to expectations tonight. :-)

Nice that it is on at 8PM because Sun. is fooooooooooooootball around this house. :-) but not to worry, we have another tv, so if there is a conflict, no one has to *give up.* :-))))))))

Gentle hugs,
"The gilding of the Indian summer mellowed the pastures far and wide.
The russet woods stood ripe to be stripped, but were yet full of leaf.
The purple of heath-bloom, faded but not withered, tinged the hills...
Fieldhead gardens bore the seal of gentle decay; ... its time of
flowers and even of fruit was over."

- Charlotte Bront

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh dearest Penny...I am ever so sorry to see that you are not well yet! Goodness that is dreadful to be so under the weather. I have been thinking about you lots and hope that you feel it.
Sending you spooky hugs from the cozy cottage

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

great post - great atc's....
cheers, dana