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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mancat Monday

Hey Evfurryone,
Genghis here. Boy am I glad it's Monday - not just because I get to visit with all of you again and I especially like that part of Mondays - cuz I start to miss all of you - But also, because we had such a busy weekend around here. I was really glad to see Sir Knight head off to work this morning - I figure Pellie and I will need to rest while he is gone.

So what did we do you ask? Work, work and more work.

On Friday night - bear and I (we share the basement apartment at night), told Sir Knight that we were awful tired of that darn machine in the back room making so much noise - it interferes with our beauty sleep. So he checked it out and agreed with us that it was about time it got replaced.

First thing Saturday morning, they went to the store and bought a new machine and a bunch of other things Sir Knight thought would need replacing, to make the machine work better.

Then we all got to work. The old machine was hauled out of the hole it sits in and boy was it icky - no wonder it sounded like it was on its last leg. It was. Pellie thought that maybe it was 15 years old and both beans agreed that is old for a machine like this. So I guess it served us well and now it gets to head off to the big junk yard in the sky. Sir Knight set to work getting the new machine ready to put down in the hole, and he found he didn't have enough parts after all - so he had to head back to the store, while Pellie bailed water out of the hole and dumped it outside in the back yard. I of course was busy snoopervising - watching the hole to make sure the water didn't come up over its rim and warning Pellie if it looked like it might. Sir Knight was back in record time and got to working on the machine - in between carrying the heavy buckets of water upstairs for Pellie. Finally the machine went into the hole and it pumped the water out of the hole for us. Yeah!!!! Boy it does it's job real fast and is soooooooooo quiet bear and I slept like babies Sat night.

After cleaning up the mess in the basement we all headed upstairs and then out to the garage, where we had to nicely pack up all the Christmas decorations that had been haphazardly thrown into the garage when it was cold and snowy. We folded everything up nicely and put it all away in it proper place. - now, I won't have to worry about things falling and breaking when I play in the garage.

That done; Pellie decided to bring up a few of her spring items to decorate the front of the house and had Sir Knight busy hanging all that stuff. Of course I was busy enjoying being outside in the fresh air again and only snoopervised when it was necessary.

Super moon not real visible - thanks to cloud cover.

Spring arrived - bringing with it a super moon (at least that's what the weatherman called it) and plenty of rain, with thunder and lighting. But according to the weather service - spring is just a date on the calender so far - cuz , we are told to be expecting snow again by Wednesday or Thursday.

Man I am so sick and tired of snow. I can't wait till there is nice tender shoots of grass to chew on and a warm sun to sleep under.

That light above the moon is lighting

Sunday was spent with Pellie packing up her snowman collection and starting Spring house cleaning. Sir Knight was kept busy building a few things for Pellies craft room. (Like she really needs more stuff in there) He built a roll around storage cabinet for her customized it to fit some of the supplies she wanted to store in it. Then he had to paint it.

I of course had to snoopervise each project.

I really do hate the feeling of wet paint on my paws when I forget and jump onto something like this new cart to check it out. I am also not crazy about Pellie chasing me around to wipe my paws - so I don't get paw prints all around the house.

When they had all that accomplished - they went out and did a little grocery shopping - so I had to check out everything they brought in and make sure it was good and had to tell them where to put everything.

Now I'm just plain old tuckered out. I think I will take a nap -before I go visiting all of you.



Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Wow, I kind of sat around like a lump after work Saturday... cleaned a little Sunday - but I am definitely a slacker!!! Nap is most definitely in order for both of you today!
cheers, dana

Brian said...

My goodness, no wonder you are tired today, that was one busy weekend fur sure!

Cat said...

Wow Genghis that was a lot of work indeed...takd a well deserved rest today!!!

pchickki said...

I would be tired too.
I love the photo of kitty in back of the heart hole .
Great post
Hope you got a good nap cause I want you to come visit me :)

Eric and Flynn said...

Wow! You were all very busy this weekend.

Katnip Lounge said...

Good Cod! That's enough snoopervising for ten HERDS of Cats!!

You deserve a long long nap after all that work. And to think you were being robbed of sleep with the noisy sucker thingy before that; it's almost unbearable.