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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Hi Evffurry one,
Look what my friend Sophie sent me. Treats!!!! Yummy ones at that. I never had this kind before, but they sure are good. I wanted to eat the whole bag, unfortunately Pellie wouldn't let me.

As you can see I finished the few they gave me and wanted more - and if I didn't get more - I would not be Mr Nice guy anymore and let them shove the flashy box thing in my face. Well I didn't get any more treats so no more pictures for them.

That's all that happened today.
Catch you all later.


Oh yea, I almost forgot my manners. Thanks so much Sophie, I love the treats.

Hello everyone,

It may have been hot and humid outside -
but inside it has been cool comfy and full of friendship.

A friend stopped over today to spend a few hours visiting - since Sir Knight keeps telling me I will have a very busy birthday weekend. We shared iced tea and good conversation while time seemed to fly by. Soon Sir Knight was home from work and heading into the kitchen carrying a very big box. It was for me from my friend Dana over at Sinderella's Studio. of course I had to rip into it right away and my friend enjoyed sharing my excitement and looking at all the pretties.

I had entered one of Dana's Challenges, made a postcard, and won a prize. From the picture I submitted - Dana made me some real time postcards to send out through the snail mail. - these I knew would be coming - but I never expected so many other beautiful things.

Here's what she sent. Isn't it all awesome.

My new postcards are sitting on the great book - explaining different collage techniques and ideas to help my muse "Take Flight" which happen to also be the name of the challenge.

Pretty teacups in the back - with tea to serve up in them - but for a closer view I'm going to make you come back next Tuesday - for Teacup Tuesday. Mean aren't I? Yea, that's what happens when you get old. She also sent a rubber stamp that say's Queen of Tea.

Thank you so much Dana. I absolutely love everything.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

... And in the sweetness of friendship,
Let there be laughter and sharing of pleasure ... Kahil Gibran



Brian said...

Wow, treats!!! That sure was a very nice gift!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Glad you liked the surprises!!! Thanks for being a wonderful support system as we figure out blogland!!!
cheers, dana