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Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Challenge and National Hot Dog Month

Hello Everyone,

I’m Late - I’m Late - and just a little bit behind. I am trying to at least get kind of caught up - so I can take a breath or two and start working on a few of my projects, that I promised to participate in.

I took up the challenge for Mind Wide Open - but due to my behindness forgot to get it posted in on time. So this will be my only showing for this project. The word prompt this month was bliss - but when I looked at the picture Gail gave us - it really didn’t evoke a feeling of bliss in me and it may have been my imagination but the lady in the picture didn’t look all that blissful to me.

So here is what I created:

The poem is an original by me - written during my younger years, when I was bemoaning the loss of the boy I thought would be my everything in life.. I certainly don’t want anyone thinking I am suffering from depression at this stage of my life; as Sir Knight did when he first saw this project. Even with my Fibromyalgia - I am content and happy with my life. And so glad it never worked out with the other yo-yo -because I have truly found my soul mate in Sir Knight.

Even though I didn’t get entered - feel free to go over to MWO and vote for the piece that speaks to you. All of us artist and would be artist need encouragement to keep plodding on.

On another note. July is National Hot dog month and Friday was Hot dog night. Sir Knight and I certainly joined in and enjoyed some pretty tasty Chicago Dogs. Homemade of course - since no one out here in this neck of Illinois really knows that much about real Chicago Dogs. Being we both came from Chicago - we may not be connoisseurs but we sure know more than most .

Next Sunday is My Birthday - and I will be reaching one of those milestone years -so we will be celebrating a little all week long. Got to take things slow at my age you know. LOL Therefore, not to sure how much posting I'll manage to do.



MosaicMagpie said...

So happy you are joining our swap!
And happy upcoming birthday to you!
Love to you,

Brian said...

I think you should have entered, twas good!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Your piece would have definitely been a contender! It is hard to keep up with blogland and life! Happy Birthday WEEK!!!

Gail McCormack said...

I think your project turned out beautifully Penny!

The swap sounds like a great motivator and isn't that we all need at times

Yes, you will need to take things slowly now!!....ha ha! sounds more to me, you're busier than every

Hope you have a fabulous birthday week