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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogger in Quarentine - We have been bitten by a New Bug

Hello everyone,
It was bound to happen - once the Christmas decorations came down - the house buried in snow - no place for me to go - nothing much to do - I knew it - I should have been prepared - this year the bug seemed to hit just a bit harder than most other years and both Sir Knight and I were bitten.
Oh the very thought of it - both of us bitten and under the influence of the bug at the same time - has made for a rather harried scene around our house.

No it wasn't the H1N1 or even the regular flu bug - and although, I have also had a bit of a sinus infection - no get well wishes need to be sent, for I fear there is no cure for this bug. One must simpily run with it, until it runs it course.
What condition do we have then you ask. Well I'll tell you - Its..........................................

Yep we have been sooooooooo busy working on things in and for the house that - at times we have lost touch with the real world. We had thought that in an effort to save my bruised and battered hips, it would be just a simple matter of moving of my big china cabinet to a different location; but then things rarely works out like one plans
. Does it?
Confused? Let me explain.

You see last year we found a very nice China cabinet at an auction and I talked Sir Knight into buying it - since it was so much bigger than the one I had - and the promise of a more organized kitchen/dining room lured him into my frenzy. We brought it home and set to work cleaning and filling it with all my pretties that were buried in boxes in the basement. - Oh it was lovely - and the euphoria was great till the first time I was in a hurry and rammed my hip into the corner of it. You see the base on this cabinet is huge - great for extra counter top but it really took a bite out of my floor space and walking room between the island and the cabinet Of course I didn't want to complain to Sir Knight about it since I had wanted it so bad - so I just kept quite. Well all the busyness at Christmas had my poor hips looking like I'd been in a war - as I am less than graceful anyway and when I rush those corners on the cabinet, just jump out and attacked me. I think Sir Knight became worried I was bordering on some strange disease when he would see all the bruises in various stages of healing. So I finally had to come clean and tell him that the new china cabinet and I really didn't see eye to eye on things, where it was.
So we decided that as soon as the holidays were over we'd look for a new cabinet we could put in the basement - so I could bring the little cabinet back up to the kitchen. We also decided to remove a built in desk (which we both disliked) in the Living room and move the large cabinet in that spot and make it a dry bar.
We were lucky and found another china cabinet the first auction of the new year. So we have been off and running with our fix up - freshen up campaign.
The removal of the desk and subsequent priming and painting of the living room went rather well, to my surprise . I should have realized that it couldn't continue to run smooth but I am the eternal optimist . We ran into a sale on curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond and found a style we felt would look good in the living room (since our old ones were ten years old - we felt it was time) So we picked up the six panels we'd need plus a few extra to make tie backs and a couple valance from. Easy Peasy Right? Wrong!! Very wrong.

See were it says 84" length. Then it again states 52' x 84". Well out of 8 panels, How many did I have that were 84"? NONE - nope- NONE. 83- 83 1/4, 83 1/2, 85, 85, 85 1/4, 85 1/2, and 86.
The surprise or should I say shock when I ironed the first two panels and we hung them to find an 83 and an 85 1/4 hanging side by side. The absolute horror of it was frightening. So we took them all out of the packages for measuring and as you can guess I had to get busy doing a little hemming to get them right.

We are not finished with all the moving around yet - so I will apologize in advance for my erratic appearance here on the blog. But like I said earlier there is no cure for this bug you just have to run with it till it has ran it own course.



Jan's Funny Farm said...

This post is hilarious but only because it is happening to someone other than our Jan. In fact, it sounds like scenes from our Jan's life. Walking into furniture, buying drapes that aren't the same length ...

However, before you think we don't care, we do. We hope your hips have healed and your drapes now match ...

Brian said...

Wow, that's quite a bug, I sure hope it doesn't come in this direction!

Anonymous said...

MOL! LOTS of 'beans on the CB seem to have the same affliction as you! Our mom will be bitten by that bug, come spring! We hope the curtain panels work out and the your hips feel better. Take a long soak in a bubble bath and treat yourself to a glass (or 3~LOL) of wine while you're in there!

Jacqueline said...

Greetings to you all. Sending a dump load of pixie dust to cure anything that may ALE you...Sir Knight, drink up! I've heard if you feed the Queen of the house all the bruises will vanish. Off to thin air...what a to thin air! As always you make me smile!
I've been busy in Jan and Feb having my first give away which turned into short stories. One was Queens in Training and now I'm doing The Enchanted Playhouse. I think of you often with my jigsaw gnome sitting on my log table in my bedroom. I WILL Be writing you...promise!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

WOW! You need a rest!