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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

12th Day

Nothing feels as good as love - does it?

Hello everyone,
Well today is 12th Day, the last day to light the Christmas Tree for this Holiday season. While Christmas was a solemn commemoration of His birth; 12th Night is a celebratory night of Acceptance and Love. The three Kings/Wise Men have made it to Bethlehem and laid their gifts at the feet of the Christ Child. This day, better known as the Epiphany to most of the Christian world - represents the gentiles acceptance of Christ as our King and Saviour; from this day forward, He would no longer belong to just the Jews (Gods Choosen), He was ours, all of ours no matter race, culture or color.
Praise God, From whom all Blessings flow!

Around my house -we would never take down our tree till after 12th Night & Day - with the creche nested under the tree - how could we remove these before the three Kings come. How ever would they find the baby Jesus, if he is packed away out of sight. My parents followed this tradition and I am proud to say I do too. Oh, some of my friends and neighbors think I'm some sort of nut - as they box there decorations up right after Christmas, "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord", and rejoice in the fact that last night God opened his heart to all us Gentiles and offered us salvation.

So tomorrow we will be busy taking our decorations down, and lovingly packing them away till December rolls around again.

I thought I'd show you a few of the cross stitch pictures I did many moons ago. They are my daily inspirations.

New Years Day may come and go but - Today is the First Day of the rest of your life. Live it well.



Jacqueline said...

This I love. Holding on to tradition and doing the right thing. It's awesome you do that. I'm so tired tonight, but I re-read your letter and I'm about ready to get hopefully 8 hrs of shut eye.

Brian said...

You got that is all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cross~stitchiong is lovely. Our mom cross~stitckes too!

Gabriela said...


Thanks so much for visiting me! Come again!

~ Gabriela ~

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Penny,

Your cross stitch is beautiful! I have been longing to do some stitching myself and plan to sit aside some time soon for a small project. It is so amazing to see your little cross stitches soon develope into something absolutely beautiful.:o) I hope you drop in for another visit soon and I will be back here for sure.:o) Enjoy a beautiful coming weekend.