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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holly Happy Days! Decking the Halls

The tree in our living room done in Blue and White.

Tick tock says the clock - - -
Christmas is almost here.
Hurry, Scurry - - -
Things to do - to make things merry & bright.

  • Deck the Halls (finished)
  • Trim the trees (finished)

Our wonderful nutcracker collection on display in the living room.

The mantel made merry with a few Santa from Sir Knights collection.

When a tree is just too much - a small bowl of vintage ornament along with a pink Santa does the trick to bring Christmas into our bedroom.

Even our Northwoods apartment in the basement is decked out for the holidays with friendly bears and moose.

A small tree just right for my studio - with ornaments that allow for Genghis' redecorating at whim.

The tree in the Library has no lights - made festive with tags of book titles we have enjoyed.

Pastel Pink roses on tree in Kitchen - to match my Tea Rose Dishes.

A long view across the table to the wall which Sir Knight built for me to hold my kitchen stuff.
As you can see I do like plenty of stuff. My table set with my holly dishes which I use only during the week or so before Christmas. On Christmas Day I use my Tea Rose dishes ( which I have more of) with the matching Christmas serving pieces.

A close up of my teapot shelf, with Frosty and Santa taking center stage with a nice Candy treat.
I collect Snowmen while Sir Knight is the Santa collector. I like snowmen because I can leave them out longer and they make me smile all winter.

My buffet all decked out for the holidays.

  • Address the cards (finished)
  • Send out the packages (finally finished)
  • Bake the cookies
  • Wrap the presents
(Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg! I cant wrap them if I haven’t even finished them.)

Come on get busy there is more to do -

Christmas will be here in 9 more nights.

Hello everyone,

Just thought I’d share a bit of my holiday madness with all of you. I hope you have all your holiday preparations in order.

The life of a procrastinator is especially harried at this time of the year. I really did mean to start these little gift projects earlier, but true to form here I am running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off trying to finish things up.

Which explains my being MIA here in blogland. So please my dear friends forgive a poor unorganized procrastinator like me. Have pity on me for my scarcity of posts and lack of visits to your wonderful blogs.

One day I do hope to be more organized - hopefully in this life but if not - the next will have to do.



Anonymous said...

WOW, you guys sure do have LOTS of trees! We wish we had more (no room, says the mom). They are all beautiful! Mom really likes the one in the library, she thinks that's a great idea.

Jacqueline said...

Some rules are meant to be go ahead and procrastinate. I'm married to the best man for me and he is a was a challenge for me at first (22 years ago) but I decided it was a "good thing" and I've become a bit of one too!
Love the views from your home. I have your letter on my desk...when the holidays settle down...I'm writing you for sure!

Brian said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, that is about all I can say...everything is so very beautiful!!!