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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Saint Nicholas Day

Hello everyone,

Well today is December 6th that means it Saint Nicholas Day - the day to find your shoe filled with treats from that very kindly bishop.

For me this day has always began the giving season.

When I was in Catholic high school and college we always planned to began our secret Santa gifting on St Nicholas Day, and then once a week there after you left a small token for your giftee, all done on the sly without them knowing; till right before Christmas vacation we revealed ourselves to the person we had been gifting and gave a slightly more expensive token of our love, friendship and well wishes for the holiday season.

For most of us our gifts were homemade cards & ornament so I have a box full of wonderful ornaments; most to fragile to ever hang on the tree anymore; but browsing through the box on these cold nights brings back so many wonderful memories of growing up.

Sir Knight and I left a shoe out last night - but I'm not gonna tell you what we found in them. Somethings are a bit to personal or weird to share with the world. TeeHee!

So did you leave your shoes out last night?

Blogger is giving me a fit and wont let me continue my post around the pictures, so before I have a breakdown and throw a big tantrum I best finish up this post.



Anonymous said...

Mom ALWAYS leaves her shoes out! Well at least the pair she wore that day. Usually they're found by the back door. Sometimes, we leave her pressies in there, Mice, balls, litter. We're furry giving sometimes. Hope you at least got something good???

Jacqueline said...

Hi Penny, Yes, we left our shoes out and the new dog Tazmo took them out...outside and left them there! Life on Holland Avenue...never a dull shoe moment! Hung my gnome tags on the tree today and stood my puzzel gnome up by a german beer stein. All for a good cause! The merryment has just begun. I my treasures from you. I have lots of catching up to do on your blog! My joy!