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Sunday, June 7, 2009

When is a Gourd not a Gourd?

When it becomes a Fairy Art Doll, of course. The picture that Gail over at Mind Wide Open offered for Junes challenge - spoke to me of spreading wings and becoming a fairy. My first thoughts ran to a paper doll and then my muse seemed to kick into overdrive and pushed my thinking out of the paper box into the vegetable box. I rustled around among the remnants of my dried gourds I had used to make snowmen a few years back and found one that was the perfect size for the face of the doll. Sir Knight was then sent out to the garage to cuts high heeled
slippers for her and a star for her wand. I then set to work - printing the texty portion of the picture on to unbleached muslin which I then sewed together as a skirt with an elastic waist band. A felted sleeve from an old black sweater served as her blouse with cuff of sleeve turned down like a turtle neck (kind of beatnik style). When she was all finished she was given a bit of bling with fairy dust. and now she is already to start granting wishes.
I had been worried that I would not be able to get my project done, as we had been on vacation since the 28th of May; but like I said my muse kicked into overdrive and everything just seemed to go so well that I finished with time to spare. yoohooo!!!
Please check out all the wonderful entries over at MWO tomorrow the 8th of June when Gail has them up for voting.

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Joy said...

Your Mind Wide Open June challenge piece is amazing!