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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hopefully. I have returned.

Hello everyone,

It feels so good to be back sitting down to blog again.

Hopefully Genghis and I will be able to continue on for some time - but right now we are not making any promises.   We will make a real effort to blog twice a week - one day for Genghis and one day for me; and see how that goes before we try to expand.  So please bear with us.

While Sir Knight was sick, I spent many days in Hospital waiting rooms at first just sitting around wringing my hands and twiddling my thumbs.  When it became evident that this was to be my new normal activity I decided I needed to be more constructive with my sitting around waiting time.  So I began crocheting "potato chip" scarves.   I never would have imagined when I started a year ago Christmas that I would make as many scarves as I did.   When Sir Knight took the tub I had been filling into work for Saint Nicholas Day to distribute to the girls he works with I was surprised that I had 25 done and ready to go.

Don't they look pretty?  These are only a sample of the colors.

Since money was real tight with all the hospital & doctor bills - I was thrilled when a friend of my college roommate offered me bags of unused yarn from her mothers estate.  Thank you so much Karen; you'll never know how much it helped. 

When Sir Knights Surgery was over and he was well enough to come home - I was once again able to putter in my craft room while he slept instead of always crocheting;  so I  painted up a few Styrofoam pieces I had on hand - - - gathered up a few other supplies. . .

Painted Foam
Ruffling Yarn & Pearl Cotton
 and made this cute little charmer for my bedroom.  I liked it so well and I had enough yarn to make two smaller ones as well -  but alas, I failed to take a picture of the entire ensemble.

Pretty cute  huh!

Sir Knight wanted to do something to help so we worked on this next little project together.  
It was a gift to our oldest Grandson and His girlfriend.  I thought it came out beautiful.  Now I want to make one for our own Christmas decorations.  I just can't decide if I want it in gold like this one or in silver. Thank goodness for such trivial decisions

Understated Beauty

Well It's time for me to get busy on my chores; so I best finish this post up here.




Michele said...

your potato chip scarves are so awesome! what fun! I am sorry about all the hospital time and bills but things are getting better, yes? love to all and beautiful art in every photo! xo

pchickki said...

Good to see you back. Love the scarves.

Brian said...

Those scarves are very impressive!

Mr Puddy said...

Good to hear Sir Knight feels better and your human work look impressive ! & good to see you back :)

The Island Cats said...

You're very talented! We love those scarves...and would love to play with the yarn!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous creations , I love the potato chip magical and beautiful..great pics! Hope he feels better soon and all is well.
Thanks for your kind visit.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Now haven't you been just the busy bee!
I love your scarves, and that ornament piece is divine!

Jans Funny Farm said...

You certainly put your time to good use. Those scarves are nifty and we love your other projects.